More About Me
Corcoran Icon Properties is proud to announce its association with Jaime Gonzalez.
An integral part of Corcoran Icon Properties dedication to excellence and its success is the collaboration of high caliber, capable professionals. Corcoran Icon Properties is committed to being associated with such individuals. With the changing economic climate and its influences on the real estate markets, Corcoran Icon Properties is fortunate to be associated with a Realtor that possess important market knowledge and the savvy to put such knowledge into practice, all the while, keeping the focus on the client and their real estate needs. Jaime Gonzalez brings that sort of a commitment and fits that profile.

Jaime constantly stays abreast on local, regional, state and national real estate matters and participates regularly in real estate training and real estate seminars. Jaime is a member of regional and community marketing groups catering to the Real Estate Market that help realtors keep abreast on real estate matters that contribute to a vibrant local real estate market.

Jaime recognizes how important you are and is dedicated to providing the utmost care in dealing with your real estate needs. Integrity, credibility and ethical practices are important to Jaime and he will work diligently for you. Corcoran Icon Properties is dedicated to excellence and our association with Jaime Gonzalez is a bright example.

Please feel free to contact Jaime to discuss your Real Estate needs today.